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December 12, 1967

This date is very special to The Hinson legacy.  It marks the day the Original Hinsons sang together for the very first time
in a public setting and it is also the day a child was born to Ronny and Nancy Hinson.  Bo Hinson, who is carrying on the
legacy handed down to him, began his singing career at the ripe old age of 15 years old when he joined his father, Ronny,
Uncle Kenny (who passed away in 1995) and Aunt Yvonne on stage for the first time.  Bo sang with the Original Hinsons
until June, 1988 when it was announced the group was disbanding.  After a couple of odd jobs around the Nashville area,
he realized his calling was to sing and he formed his own group, which he called Bo Hinson and Purpose.  Before long,
people began referring to his group as The New Hinsons so the inevitable happened, with the addition of his cousin Eric
to the new group, who had also sang  with the Hinsons, also came the name change and The New Hinsons were born.   
Since that time in 1989 when Bo decided to continue his singing career and minister in song, a lot of changes have
occurred but The Song Remains The Same. So rest assured...

The Hinson Legacy Continues...

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